5 (mildly) annoying things with the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge

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Samsung's new Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge are the best phones the company has ever come up with, and in some regards are leaps and bounds before the competition. People seem to be flocking to them like flies on honey for the excellent camera that features the fastest autofocus and great low-light abilities, for the shiny waterproof chassis that offers expandable storage, and many other virtues.

Still, as each and every phone, they are not without their quirks and omissions, though here the gripes are pretty minor, yet might be annoying for some. We've rounded up a few things that can be grouped in the tiny drama category with the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, and are curious to see if you will find those petty, or if you can pile more relative annoyances to the list.

1. Georestrictions


You can't find the white version of the phones on US carriers to save your life, but it would be pretty hard to find the grey one in Europe, either.

The list of annoying georestrictions goes on - in the US, you can only grab the 32 GB versions of the phone, while the rest of the globe enjoys the 64 GB one as well. We also don't get the Samsung Labs menu option where you can turn off the app drawer, whereas abroad they can have all the apps on the home screens, and so on, and so forth. Aaargh!

2. 'Exclusive' Edge UX


Ok, Samsung, you are calling it Edge UX to differentiate it as an exclusive thing that only the flexibles among your phones can offer, yet it can be called the one-third-of-the-screen UX, or the I-can-do-this-on-flat-screen UX with the same effect. Given that the Edge UX goes almost to the middle of the display, and only a tiny fraction actually wraps around the curved edge, and that part serves no specific purpose, what would be the difference in employing it on, say, the flat screen of the Note 5? That's right - nothing.

Oh, and where is the virtual back button that would come very handy with such a side-swipe interface, instead of having to stretch down to the capacitive one? Inquiring minds want to know - rant over.

3. Where's the notification shade pull-down gesture?


TouchWiz is brimming with more features you can shake a stick at, and Samsung has added two great additions like the Cross App multitasking windows or Game Launcher, yet one infinitely useful thing is missing.

How about offering a simple swipe-down gesture on an empty part of the homescreen to bring down the notification shade, instead of stretching all the way up and missing, Samsung? Most third-party launchers or manufacturer overlays have this on larger phones, as it's a pain to always slide the phone down in your palm just to pull and read notifications, and this often results in having to hold the S7 edge with both hands.

4. 'Hybrid' dual SIM slot


The 'hybrid' dual SIM slot might not seem like a big deal if you live in the US where almost nobody uses dual SIM phones, but these are huge in Asia and other areas, so knowing that you can only use your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge with two SIM cards if you block your expandable microSD card slot must be pretty annoying. On the other hand, we understand why Samsung did that, as otherwise it would have to waterproof yet another extra slot.

5. Adoptable Storage, where art thou?


Speaking of memory card slots, both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge don't support the Adoptable Storage feature, despite shipping with Marshmallow on board. Thus, they'll treat the microSD card as a separate entity, instead of lumping it together with the internal memory in the storage menu.

Here is Samsung's argumentation behind this decision: " Samsung decided not to use the Android Marshmallow “adoptable storage” model. We believe that our users want a microSD card to transfer files between their phone and other devices (laptop, tablet, etc), especially the photos and videos they shoot with the camera. " Thus, if you want Adoptable Storage on your S7 or S7 edge without rooting them to trip KNOX, you'd have to resort to non-commissioned trickery and geek-fu.

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