Twitter is shutting down TweetDeck for Windows on April 15th

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Twitter announced today that it's ending support for its TweetDeck Windows app starting April 15th, forcing PC users to rely on the web version instead. The company, which purchased TweetDeck back in 2011, didn't give a strong reason for the move, with project manager Amy Zima saying in a blog post that Twitter wants "to better focus on enhancing your TweetDeck experience." A download option for the app no longer appears on Twitter's website, but it's unclear if TweetDeck for Windows will cease functioning on April 15th entirely or if it will simply no longer receive any updates. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Although TweetDeck is more geared toward power users, the forceful push toward its web app should still disappoint many long-time fans of the app's grid-like view, which lets you organize Twitter into a series of columns for things such as mentions, notifications, and lists. In the past, Twitter has consolidated TweetDeck by killing apps for iOS and Androidso it can focus on bringing more features to fewer platforms.


Twitter users should now be automatically logged into the TweetDeck Chrome and Mac apps as long as they're logged in on or the service's analytics page, the company wrote alongside its Windows announcement. Twitter does give instructions for how to pin the web version of TweetDeck to your Windows task bar, but that may do little to console PC users who've come to rely on TweetDeck's stand-alone app for its more digestible view of Twitter feeds.

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