How to find your lost iPhone with Tile

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Chances are, you’ve lost your iPhone a time or two, even in your own home. I’ve found myself stalking around the living room, kitchen, and even bathroom trying to remember just where I left that darn iOS device.

Tile, the popular “find your stuff” tracker, has a trick you can use to find your lost iPhone, even if you’ve put the iPhone on silent.

Here’s how.

Tile is a little plastic square that lets you track anything you can attach it to in any nearby area, like your house. You pair it with your iPhone via Bluetooth, and then, say, attach the Tile to your keychain or your dog, and you can then find the Tile (and hence, your keys or dog) with your iPhone.

Better yet, there’s a function that works the other way around that will help you find your iPhone should you lose it. You simply double tap the “e” on the Tile itself to make your connected iPhone ring. It’s a great feature–if you know where your Tile is, that is.



The trick here is to dedicate a specific Tile to finding your iPhone, activate and pair it with your iPhone, and then stick it to something in your house that you won’t lose, like a wall or refrigerator. Then, once it’s attached permanently, all you need to do is walk up to it and press the “e” twice. Your iPhone will ring, and you’ll be able to find it in your house. Now, if you left it in the car, or somewhere beyond the 100-meter range of Bluetooth, you’ll have to rely on iCloud and Find My Phone .

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