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HTC Boost+

[Price: Free]

HTC Boost+ is a new app from HTC that is included on many HTC devices and, surprisingly, available to pretty much everyone. The application has a few functions, but it’s basic premise is that it’s another one of those cleaner apps that claims to boost performance, save battery life, and clear out storage. The good news is that it will clear your cache and junk files but the bad news is that the rest of it is probably snake oil. It’s free so you can grab it if you want it.

Aurora: Quarantine

[Price: $1.47]

Aurora: Quarantine is a new puzzle game where you must roll a ball around and solve some puzzles. The game’s immediate claim to fame is its graphics which are much better than most other puzzle games. The story of the game is that the Earth is polluted and you’re essentially a non-copyright infringement version of Wall-E. The controls appear to be a little glitched according to user reviews, but the developers claim that controller support and better on-screen controls are on the way. It’s $1.47 and has no in-app purchases.

ustwo Face Maker

[Price: Free]

You may remember ustwo as the developers that gave us the smash hit game Monument Valley. Well, this week they have launched an Android Wear watch face maker aptly named Face Maker. The application gives you two watch faces called Classic and Trio and from there, you can customize them to your specifications. There are a decent number of options although those looking for some hardcore editing may need to look elsewhere. It’s free with no in-app purchases, so at least there’s that.

Super Arc Light

[Price: $0.99 with in-app purchases]

Super Arc Light is a minimalist arcade shooter with a ton of colors and lots of spinning. The central premise is that you’re a dot rotating around a focal point. Your job is to shoot down bad guys as they try to infiltrate the center. The controls are easy enough. You press to shoot, hold to shoot more, and then you reverse course as soon as you’re done. It’s challenging and fast paced and you can also unlock stuff as you go. It’s a decent price and a fun little time waster.


[Price: Free / $2.49]

Quote is a new RSS reader which is a rarer and rarer occurrence these days. Quote features a minimal style and takes a no-nonsense approach to RSS. It has the capacity to sync to Inoreader as well as Feedly and you can manage both feeds from this app. It has basic controls and settings, including the ability to schedule syncing and more. If you go pro, you can get rid of ads, use multiple accounts, and use more themes. If you’re looking for a simple RSS reader that syncs to Feedly or Inoreader, this is a good option  . 

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