Top 5: Using Docker with project management tools, what's new in MySQL, and more

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Top 5 articles of the week

5. 5 open source programs for the automated teen's toolbox

At 14, Keila Banks already has come a long way on her open source journey. In this interview for our OSCON series, she talks about her favorite open source tools and how kids can get more involved in open source communities.

4. 9 open source robotics projects

Writer and editor Jason Baker brings us nine hardware, software, and robot simulator projects to get you started with open source robotics.

3. What's new in MySQL?

Geir has been working with the MySQL database team since 2008, and in this article he tells us that MySQL 5.7 is the result of almost three years of development and brings improvements to all areas of the project.

2. The young Vivaldi browser is taking its cues from the community

As part of his Open Web column on the site, Benjamin Kerensa interviews QA engineer about what the new, innovative Vivaldi browser means for the web.

1. 5 reasons to use Docker for productivity software installation

Tatiana specializes in productivity software and receives a lot of questions about software installation, which says, can be simplified with Docker. In this article she shows us the main advantages of using Docker with these project management tools: OnlyOffice, OpenProject, and Redmine.

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