Samsung’s new Android app stops kids from holding phones too close to their eyes

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Samsung understands this, and that’s why it has made an app for stopping kids from holding smartphones and tablets too close to their eyes.

Samsung’s new Safety Screen app for Android devices stops kids (or anyone else) from holding a smartphone or a tablet too close to their eyes by alerting them using a cute animation pop-up. The app uses facial recognition to detect if a mobile device is too close to the user’s face. The pop-up animation disappears automatically when the device is moved to a safer distance.

Parents can install the app from Google Play Store and activate it using a code so that others can’t deactivate it. The app can slowly teach children to use a smartphone or a tablet from a safer distance. According to experts, spending too much time too close to the screen can cause lasting damage to children’s vision or even a risk of developing computer vision syndrome.

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