How to take a screenshot on the HTC 10

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While it does not have many fancy tricks up its sleeve, it's just a super smooth performer that takes care of getting things done fast and well. Plus, it features a great, well-refined design.

The HTC 10 runs on Android 6 Marshmallow with the company's Sense interface on top of it. Unlike previous flagship phones from HTC, it now has a fingerprint scanner embedded in the new, physical home key. On the side, it has a power/lock key and a volume rocker.

This new button set-up might have you a bit confused: so how do you take a screenshot on the HTC 10? It's really simple:

•    hold down the home key (the one right below the display) and the volume down key simultaneously

You will hear a little click and see the screen flash for a split second and a notification will appear that you've successfully taken a screenshot. You can use it to show something to friends, capture a special moment in a game or a video, and it's just a nice thing to know how to do.

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