Rumored Samsung Galaxy A4 to come with 5.5-inch screen?

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The initial Zauba postings merely indicated that the phone has a valuation of $477.18, and was imported into India for R&D evaluation. Along with the phone, Samsung imported a data cable and a SIM card. That was all of the information about the device that could be gleaned by going over Zauba. That is, until a new listing appeared.

This past Tuesday, May 4th, four more units of the SM-A430U were imported into India for testing. This time, the listing on Zauba included a screen-size of 5.5-inches. And the valuation of each unit was dropped to the equivalent of $355.09 USD. 

Getting bits and pieces of information like this is certainly not the way we like to present you with the rumored specs of an unknown model, but until we run into some more leaks, this is the best we can do at the moment for the SM-A430U.

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