Facebook expands dynamic ad retargeting to Instagram and travel sector, ramps up ‘lookalikes’

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Get ready for a lot more ads on Instagram and elsewhere that feel ever more personalised to you. Instagram today is turning up the volume on its ad tech play, courtesy of its owner, Facebook.

Today the photo- and video-based social network is adding Dynamic Ads — a retargeting unit that Facebook launched on its own network a little over a year ago (under a slightly different name) that is essentially advertising that is customised to you: showing products that you are more likely to buy based on your online activity and interests.

Alongside this, Facebook is also rolling out two other ad tech developments: a Dynamic Ad unit specifically for the travel sector; and more details to its “lookalike” custom audiences so that web sites using the tool can prioritize types of users, because “some website visitors are more valuable to a business than others,” according to Facebook.

The two refinements and adding Dynamic Ads to Instagram underscores how Facebook is continuing to capitalise on its ever-growing user base — now at 1.65 billion users — and the data that it is able to amass from them. Advertising accounts for nearly all of Facebook’s revenues, which last quarter was just under $5.4 billion.

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