Instagram Redesigns Icon and Apps on iOS and Android

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Today Instagram launched updates to all of its applications with a new design and icon. The main focus is on a sleeker and cleaner design, with a new app icon inspired by the previous one. The new icon for Instagram represents a simpler camera with a more modern feel, compared to the iconic Polaroid-like  camera.

The trademark rainbow element is still present in the icon, but in gradient form. Changes are present in the app design, which now sports a minimalistic look which “puts more focus on your photos and videos”, without changing the way users navigate and share content.

The icon for Layout from Instagram got a nicer design, with rounded edges compared to the previous sharp ones. Instagram introduced Layout last year, as an app that allows users to combine multiple photos into a single image and it’s been gaining popularity ever since.

All Instagram apps got new icons

In October last year, Instagram launched Boomerang as a video application that helps users to take multiple photos, which the app later stitches together in a high-quality mini video. However, it didn’t make the app available on Windows Phone. The app icon got an update on iOS and Android, with a design that resembles the infinity sign.

Another app to get an updated icon is Hyperlapse, one of the oldest and most popular applications launched by Instagram. Hyperlapse is massively used for capturing high-quality time lapse videos, even while in motion. The new design makes the icon sleeker and more modern-looking. Hyperlapse is only available on iOS.

Instagram decided to update its applications on the two leading mobile platforms, iOS and Android, but it launched the update for iPhones first. It might have been a risky move for Instagram’s image, considering that many users associate the app with its Polaroid icon.

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