Your next fitness tracker could be on your skin

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This is the idea behind "ultraflexible organic photonic skin," an incredibly thin layer of polymer light-emitting diodes, or PLEDs, that merge to create a sort of e-skin that turns your own body into a wearable device.The material, developed by researchers at the University of Tokyo, is comprised of a super-small, stretchable sheet of tiny lights that can emit primary colors similar to a pixel-screen display.

According to the team behind the tech, the entire system is only 3 μm thin - thinner than the topmost epidermal layer of human skin - and can function as a display or sensor without cracking of poking during movement.One prototype was able to discreetly measure oxygen levels in a subject after being laminated onto a fingertip, while another demonstrated a simple numerical display that lit up numbers like a calculator screen, only it was on the back of a person's hand.

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This isn't the first time we've seen wearable sensors go skin tight, with a studio in Austin, Texas working on "tech tats" that could monitor a user's vitals with the appearance of a temporary tattoo, and several other recent moves made in theworld of biometrics.What sets these sensors apart is not only their sheer... sheerness, but also a protective coating that can keep out moisture and air better than similar concepts, allowing the stuck-on sensor to last longer without falling off like a day-old Band-Aid.
While it may take a little more development before e-skin grafts replace yourApple Watch or Fitbit, the potential uses for body monitors no more intrusive than slapping on a sticker can only be matched the pure coolness of the word "e-skin."

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