WhatsApp Gold phishing scam is making the rounds

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The scams could be as simple as a text message, enticing you to click away to an ad-infested site, or asking you to “confirm” your username and email for your iCloud account. Or, they can be a bit more complex, disguised as an app, which cleverly made it past the rigorous quality control of Google or Apple.

Well, we've heard reports of a new phishing message making the rounds on popular messaging app WhatsApp. The message invites users to upgrade to a “Gold” premium account, which will apparently give them access to advanced features that only “big celebrities” have had so far. Clicking on the link provided, reportedly, takes the user to a website, which churns out malware faster than a Zerg hive spawns zerglings. We, however, haven't had the chance to see or test said message and link.

Of course, anyone who has spent enough time on the Internet will instantly notice the red flags – marketing campaigns that use words like “secret” and “used only by big celebrities” definitely don't sound like they are up to anything good. But it'd still be a good idea to be aware that this thing is out there and making its rounds, in case one of your friends or relatives gets it.

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