Google Photos on the web lets you easily adjust the dates and times of multiple photos

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If you’ve ever wanted to change the dates and times of multiple photos at one time in your Google Photos library, now you can. Just head to, select all of the photos you’d like to adjust, click the menu button on the top right of your screen, and select Edit date & time. From here you can change the time, day, month and even the year that each photo was taken. This will certainly help out folks who take a lot of photos in different time zones and want to keep their libraries organized.
Additionally, you can now delete photos directly from an album. Simply select the photos you’d like to delete and click Move to trash in the dropdown menu.
As previously stated, this update is only rolling out to Google Photos on the web at this time. There was no mention of an Android app update in the announcement post, but we’d imagine this feature will arrive on Android sooner or later. Don’t have the Android app? You should definitely give it a try. Head to the Play Store link below for the download.


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