Latest Surface Phone rumors repeat talk of SD-830 SoC, 8GB RAM and three different versions

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According to this speculation, the phone will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2017. Matching a rumor that we passed along to you last month, under the hood of the device will be a Snapdragon 830 chipset. A week before this rumor first started, Microsoft added the unannounced Snapdragon 830 (MSM8998) to the list of chipsets supported by Windows 10 Mobile.

Last month's rumor also mentioned that there would be three variants of the phone. One would be for the general consumer, one for smartphone fanatics, and the third for businesses. We can now flesh that out a bit. The latest buzz calls for one model to have 3GB of RAM with 32GB of internal storage. The second version would offer 6GB of RAM and 128GB of native memory. And the third variant will supposedly contain 8GB of RAM with a whopping 500GB of internal storage (insert grain of salt into mouth now). 

The Surface Phone, according to these Weibo rumors, will be priced at over $900 based on the current exchange rate, although that would seem to apply to the second or third variations only. While stuffing a phone full of the latest components might sound good, it still doesn't make up for the "app gap," which has been closing at a glacial pace.

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