Viber Universal App for Windows 10 Now Available for Download

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Before anything, it’s worth mentioning that Viber is still in beta on Windows 10, but after using it for a while, we can tell that it’s running pretty smoothly, so you’re very unlikely to come across major bugs or issues.
Microsoft says that Viber for Windows 10 “is built from the ground up,” so it comes to take advantage of Windows 10 capabilities. It offers not only messaging options but also tools to share photos, videos, voice messages. Extras include stickers, public chats, end-to-end encryption and integration with the People app.
Viber also comes with group messages with support for up to 200 participants, but also with options that allow you to delete a message that you’ve already sent.
Of course, the app is completely free and can be installed by any user with a Windows 10 device right now from the store.
 “Responsive design resizes the app for optimal viewing, whether you’re on your mobile device, laptop, or tablet. Even chat info and contact details are viewable on your PC. And for peace of mind, a padlock icon confirms that all of your messages, including group messages and those across platforms, are secure,” Microsoft explains.


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