Huawei’s CEO Talks U.S Expansion, Daydream Phone, And More

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Huawei has introduced quite a few interesting phones this year, including their P9 and P9 Plus flagships, and there’s much more to come before the end of 2016. That being said, the company’s CEO, Richard Yu, was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal quite recently, and during that interview, he shared some interesting news with us.

The company’s CEO confirmed in his interview that Huawei plans to launch a VR-ready smartphone this Fall. Now, this smartphone will be compatible with Google’s Daydream standard which was talked about during Google I/O last month. Now, in addition to this, Mr. Yu also confirmed that the company plans to keep on cooperating with Leica, a Germany-based camera and optics manufacturer. As most of you know, Huawei partnered up with Leica in order to improve cameras on their phones, Leica’s lenses are utilized in the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus flagships which have been introduced earlier this year. 
The company’s CEO said that Huawei plans to continue cooperating with Leica for at least the next five years. Huawei’s CEO also talked about Huawei’s smartphone segment, here’s what he had to say: “We want to be the number-one smartphone maker in the world. It’s a long distance race, and we have the patience. Our growth is mainly coming from the high-end, premium segment. If you want to be the leading vendor you have to lead in the high-end”.
So it seems like Huawei intends to keep on pushing their premium offerings in order to maintain their position and keep on growing. This company doesn’t exactly have a large present in the U.S., but they’re very strong in Europe, Asia and Middle East. It seems like Huawei plans to focus on the U.S. more though, Mr. Yu said that the company has talked with the U.S.-based carriers in order to bring more Huawei products to the country, but he did not share any details just yet, unfortunately. We do expect to hear more about Huawei’s U.S. plans soon, so stay tuned for that.

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