Microsoft Updates Android Version of Bing Search with New Features

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First and foremost, Bing now supports searching by image, and all you have to do is snap a pic and find similar images online. Certainly, this really comes in handy, especially because you can get information on a specific location quite easily because you can simply take a photo and look for info in a second.

Additionally, this new version allows you to get new suggestions for image and video search by tapping the separate words, but also introduces a barcode scanner that, according to Microsoft ensures “better shopping with results from more stores, including eBay, Best Buy, and more.”

Increased focus on Android and iOS

The latest version of Microsoft Bing is 6.2.25182098, and the app is already experiencing a pretty unexpected success, with the Google Play Store revealing that it recorded between 1 million and 5 million downloads. It requires Android 4.0 or up and is obviously available free of charge.

Microsoft’s focus on rival platforms, including iOS and Android, has increased lately, and the company says that nothing will change in the long term, despite the criticism coming from some users. A number of hardcore Windows Phone fans blasted Microsoft for investing too much in Android and iOS and ignoring its own mobile platforms.

The company, however, bets big on its apps available on rival operating systems, in an attempt to expand its userbase and allow more customers to access services such as Bing, Outlook, or OneDrive.

At the same time, Microsoft is committed to keeping Windows 10 Mobile alive, but new devices wearing its own badge won’t arrive sooner than spring 2017, when the eagerly anticipated Surface Phone is finally expected to make its public debut.

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