WhatsApp for iOS to Receive Support for Animated GIFs

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WhatsApp is presumably working on providing iOS users with support for animated GIFs inside the chat application. The change log of a test version for iOS includes several references to the new feature which should make its way to users in the next app update.

The current WhatsApp version in the App Store is 2.16.6 and GIF support is expected to arrive in the2.16.7.1 version, according to Tweakers. At this point, it’s unsure when the new version will be available to users, but since the changelog surfaced online, it shouldn’t be long before we can all send GIFs in WhatsApp conversations.

For the time being, WhatsApp doesn’t support GIFs inside the application, users can share GIF content by sending links, but there’s no option to insert them from within the app. After GIF support is introduced in the WhatsApp version for iOS, the feature should reach Android users shortly.

Still, the changelog revealed other details on the upcoming WhatsApp version, including the fact that the UI for the About & Help menu will be updated. The report also mentions that the system for sending documents, video messages and managing audio content will be improved, but it’s unclear in which manner.

The new version for iOS will come with many improvements

Furthermore, the changelog reveals that WhatsApp will be able to better manage RAM capabilities and the next version will be more stable than the previous one. Improvements will be made with video calls and message encryption, as well as with handling multimedia messages that users send.

In addition, WhatsApp Messenger will implement new animations for the UI, improve the quality of VoIP calls and fix some bugs found in previous versions.

A number of other messaging applications already provide GIF support for users, including Facebook Messenger, Telegram and even Viber, which just recently launched this new feature.

WhatsApp usually implements changes quietly; just recently it enabled end-to-end encryption for its Android and iOS app users so that messages shared on the platform be secure.

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