Moto Z Play, Pro Camera Mod and Adventure Mod Rendered in Images

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While the unveiling of the Moto Z family was certainly spectacular, leaks that surfaced some time before the event pointed to the fact that the Moto Z family contains many more members than just the Moto Z and Moto Z Force.

In fact, the company didn’t release the Moto Z Play smartphone and some more MotoMods. They’re probably going to unveil the devices in the next period of time, in order to maintain hype over the Moto Z series.

A press-quality render of the Moto Z Play, codenamed Vertex surfaced today on +HelloMotoHK . The image shows the whole Moto Z family, including the Moto Z Force (Maxx) and the Moto Z (Thin). The design of the smartphone is relatively the same as that of the Moto Z, but we doubt that Moto Z Play will be thinner than Moto Z.

Moreover, specs of the Moto Z family leaked yesterday on Weibo before the unveiling event. They showed that the Moto Z Play would come with a Snapdragon 625, 5.5-inch 1080 p display, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Moreover, the device will have a 16MP rear camera and a powerful battery of 3,600mAh. Even so, the series’ flagship phone still remains the Moto Z Force.

Two more MotoMods to come

Yesterday, Lenovo unveiled four MotoMods, but it seems that the company has been holding back. The image leaked on Google+ shows that Lenovo didn’t unveil two MotoMods.

The Pro Camera Mod would attach to a Moto Z handset using the 16 ports at the back of the phone and come with 10x optical zoom capabilities. It would also provide improved auto-focus and other imaging tools. The unreleased Adventure Mod would be used to turning Moto Z smartphones into completely waterproof devices.

For now, there’s no information as to when Lenovo intends to release the Moto Z Play and the two MotoMods, but they sure are important additions to the Moto Z family.

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