Facebook: synced photos will be deleted on July 7th; install Moments to give them a home

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Facebook is spreading the word through email. The missive not only mentions the July 7th deadline, it suggests that those who don't want Moments can move their synced photos from their Facebook profile directly to their PC. Facebook has done this kind of thing before. Back in 2014 it removed the chat feature from the main Facebook app, thus forcing users to install Messenger. Those who have resisted have been able to use the chat feature in the mobile web version of Facebook, but that backdoor option will be removed sometime this month.

The Moments app is free and is available to both iOS and Android users. With the app, photos are automatically grouped by the people who appear in a particular shot, and by the date it was snapped. Your friends can add their pictures of a certain occasion to your Moments album, while you send them your pictures of the same event.

Facebook started offering synced photos for iOS back in 2012. The optional feature allowed Facebook users to capture photos taken from their smartphone camera and save them in a private photo album on the social networking app. That is the album that will be deleted by Facebook on July 7th. On the app, the album is called Synced. On the desktop version of Facebook it is called Synced from Phone. And on July 7th, you can call them gone unless you follow the links below to install Moments.

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