Be the designer: Create your own Orlebar Brown swim trunks with Instagram

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Swimwear designer Orlebar Brown has released an update to its app, #SnapShorts, that now lets users design their own swim shorts by uploading an Instagram image to the app. For $600, the company will print your picture on a pair of shorts and ship it to you within three weeks.

“Photography and creative design are at the heart of everything we do,” the app’s description reads. “Ever since we started our own photographic edition swim shorts for our fifth year anniversary, our customers have been asking us for the chance to make their own.”

The company encourages users to upload more than just a classic landscape or a beach photograph: “It can be a doodle or drawing or whatever inspires you.”

Once uploaded, users can rotate, scale or resize their image, choose their size, and finally send their designs off to the company.
The brand has been long known in the luxury design space, featuring photographers Per Eriksson, David Hall, and Evan Stringer on their shorts in the past. However, this is the first time the company will let consumers design their own pair en masse.

In a previous version of the app, users had to win a monthly content for the opportunity to design their own bathing suit — though not via Instagram.
While the feature is currently available on iOS and Android devices, the design-your-own option is coming soon online and in Orlebar Brown Stores, according to Bloomberg.

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