Harm or help? Here's what our AI future really looks like

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Google recently unveiled its Google Home platform as a competitor to Amazon's Echo AI, and blogged how its chip technology has pushed machine learning and intelligence "seven years into the future."

Amazon's dedicated staff of 1,000 Alexa developers is fending off the big G by reportedly teaching its software to recognize your emotional state as it sells you stuff. And Facebook, IBM, and other tech giants are using AI to study your social media presence and search history to sell you goods and advertise products.

Meanwhile, Apple announced at this week's WWDC that it's placing a smarter Siri on not just every iOS 10 device, but also macOS and allowing third-party developers access to the Siri SDK. iDevice owners will soon be able to link their apps to Apple's AI so they can order an Uber ride or check their calendar simply by asking Siri, without needing to open an app or even unlock their phones.

In the midst of this apparent AI renaissance, some experts have raised worries about how these intelligences could threaten humanity, or make us obsolete or stupid by comparison; ideas for AI kill switches, cybernetic neural enhancements, and a pre-programmed love of humanity have all been suggested. Others raise privacy concerns about AI studying our data and giving companies too much private, profitable information in the name of personalization.


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