Pillo is a very ambitious pill dispenser

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According to the company, Pillo will recognize each users face and voice, dispense the proper pills at the appropriate time (pills are stores in a tamper-proof casing, according to the company), and automatically reorder your medicine before it runs out.

Those alone would be lofty claims, but Pillo Health says that's just the tip of the iceberg. The company claims Pillo will be able to answer health and wellness questions in a conversational manner, securely sync with your phone and wearables, and allow you to video conference with health care professionals. It also has creepy eyes.

Frankly, Pillo seems too good to be true. More importantly, it seems too good to be on Indiegogo, where just launched a campaign to raise $75,000 (which doesn't seem like enough money to do anything substantial). If Pillo were as great as the company claims — and few things are — some / every VC firm would've thrown giant piles of money at it, given the potential market for an advanced health care version of an Amazon Echo.

While it seems highly improbable, Pillo Health has given itself a year to finish building its product. The company says Pillo will retail for $599 when it's released in June 2017, but you can back Pillo for as low as $269 and walk away with one (if it ever gets built).


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