OpenBike: the first operating system for bicycles in the world

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The project idea OpenBike is to convince the manufacturers of bicycles include in their craft OpenBike operating system,under which the various components will be created in the future.
The system is not only the software, but also includes the mandatory hardware. OpenBike will have a central battery that will power all electronic devices. Electricity will be stretched across the frame of the bicycle. This means,that manufacturers of additional components  for bicycles get rid of the need to equip their device of batteries. The owner of the bike will need to charge only one main battery. The developers note that OpenBike system will charge the battery by means of braking and pedaling.
OpenBike will also be able to obtain access to its the cloud servers,providing Internet connectivity for all gadgets.
The first version of the system OpenBike will appear next year. At the moment of its creators need to develop partnerships with bike manufacturers to ensure the use of OpenBike in their two-wheeled designs.


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