HTC Desire 10 reportedly coming soon - could this be a cheaper HTC 10?

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Despite that, the handset isn't a commercial success: according to a recent report, HTC is struggling to sell 1 million units by the end of the year (to put that in perspective, Samsung sold 26 million Galaxy S7 units from March until now - though it's true that both the regular S7 and the S7 edge are included here). But maybe an affordable variant of the HTC 10 could do better sales-wise?

According to Evan Blass, HTC is getting ready to launch a Desire 10 sometime in late Q3 (which probably means September). While there are no details about the features of this alleged HTC Desire 10, Evan Blass suggests that the handset has a rear camera relatively similar to that of the HTC 10 (with a dual LED flash, and laser auto focus). 

If we're to guess, we'd say that the Desire 10 could offer many of the features that the HTC 10 has, but it may be made out of plastic instead of metal. Obviously, like all of HTC's recent Desire phones, the Desire 10 should be significantly cheaper than the HTC 10. But we'll see if we're right about this once HTC announces the new device. 

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