Latest iPhone 7 leak comes in 4 different colors

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Just like today’s iPhone lineup, the iPhone 7 looks like it will be coming in Gold, Rose Gold, Space Grey, and Silver. Recent rumors have promised a new “Deep Blue” option will also be added, but there’s no evidence of that in these photos.

What we can see is those redesigned antenna bands we’re all familiar with now, and the iPhone 7’s larger camera lens. This now protrudes seamlessly out of the handset’s aluminum unibody, rather than being surrounded by a metal ring.

Aside from these changes, the iPhone 7 is almost identical to the iPhone 6s. It’s pretty much the same size and shape — though some rumors have suggested it will be ever so slightly thicker — and it has all the same buttons and switches.

Obviously we expect the headphone jack to be missing, too, but we don’t get to see that in these images. Recent leaks have revealed purported next-generation EarPods with Lightning connectors that could be bundled with the iPhone 7 series, but it’s still too early to tell if they’re real.

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