Now this is what the Samsung Galaxy S8 should look like

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It's all too easy to sit back and criticise new phones before they're even out, spewing disappointment over half-baked rumors and speculation in the hope that someone from the brand is watching your every word, taking notes and making the changes you want.

It's much easier to show them. So that's what we've done: spent hours debating the top features we think would make a truly world-beating phone and created some pictures that shows exactly how we want the Samsung Galaxy S8 to look.

We take into the account the best bits of the current Galaxy models and roping in a mixture of the top features from other devices (it's not copying, it's inspiration) and working out what future tech could be here next year.

For instance, speakers top and bottom of the phone could create a true 3D experience with intelligent space mapping helping work out where you're positioned and offering something akin to a full surround sound setup. Or dual cameras that can work independently or together to get the perfect snap every time.

LG's proven that flexibility is more than a possibility, and while we don't want a bendy phone, we do want one that can suffer the slings and arrows of a daily smartphone life without instantly cracking.

But the biggest jump we've made - and the one that would really put Samsung back in the smartphone innovation driving seat - is taking the bezel-less design that's made the S7 Edge so popular and melting it all over the front of the phone.

Edge to edge? We're talking edge to edge to edge to edge…

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Our Verdict:

A solid smartphone that's worth a look if you're after something on a budget


•    Superb screen
•    Cheaper price
•    Slim chassis
•    Great audio quality
•    HD video recording


•    No unified inbox
•    No more updates?
•    Wi-Fi not too strong
•    No camera flash

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