The Chuwi Vi10 Plus is a $169 10.8″ Tablet that runs Remix OS (and optionally Windows 10 for $239)

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They’re generally pricy and the software experience just isn’t that great, at least compared to the Android experience on smartphones. Google has put some effort into improving the tablet experience with the official introduction of multi-window in Android Nougat (finally), but third party companies such as Jide with its Remix OS have been at the forefront of improving Android for tablet users. We’ve known that Jide has been hard at work finding more partners to bring Remix OS-running devices to the market, and in two days Chinese electronics vendor Chuwi will begin selling the Chuwi Vi10 Plus: a competitively priced tablet that runs Remix OS and (optionally) Windows 10 if you purchase the higher-end model. Here are the specifications:

Do note that it’s technically possible to dual-boot Windows 10 on the lower-end model, but 2GBs of RAM probably won’t provide a very good Windows 10 experience. We are working on securing a Chuwi Vi10 Plus for review. Stay tuned to hear our thoughts on the device if the specifications/price interest you!

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