Samsung granted patent for vertical wireless charger that can charge two devices simultaneously

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The patent describes what seems to be an evolution in wireless charging pads design – a unit that can charge multiple devices at the same time – going over three basic builds, which are for illustrative purposes only, and should not be taken as an indication as to what exactly the final product might end up looking like.

The three designs differ in build from the usual wireless charging pads, in that they ditch the flat disk shape for a taller cylindrical design. The aesthetical change has a functional purpose as well, as such a design could accommodate two devices simultaneously. The patent documents illustrate different scenarios in which the device can be used to charge a smartphone and what clearly looks like a Samsung Gear Fit band at the same time.

One of the mock-up designs features a slanted top – presumably for better viewing experience when a smartphone is charged on top – while another adds a deep, U-shaped groove to the slanted top plate, that caters to the wearable device. The third design is simply a cube.

The new design calls for the use of two transmission resonators which can simultaneously generate both a vertical and a horizontal magnetic field. What this basically means, is that a device can be charged on top of the unit – lying horizontally on its top surface – and via the sides of the unit at the same time.

Will these patent drawings take the shape of a real product anytime soon, or at all for that matter? We don't know, but vertical design seems like an interesting idea for a wireless charger. 

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