Every Keyboard Shortcut You Need for Getting Around the Web

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You can of course make use of your mouse but there are always times when a keyboard combo is more efficient and more convenient. The ones we’ve listed here have all been tested with Google Chrome, but many will work with other browsers too.

•    Space - leave the scroll bar alone and advance your way through pages with a few taps of the Space bar. Use Shift+Space to go back up.
•    Tab - will skip through all of the hyperlinks on a page, which can come in handy. Use Shift+Tab to go back and Enter to follow a link.
•    Alt+left cursor key (or Cmd+left cursor key) - go back a page in your browsing history. Use Alt+right or Cmd+right to go in the other direction.
•    F5 - refreshes the current page. If you want to stop a page loading, use Esc; Ctrl+F5 reloads everything from scratch, including cached elements.
•    Alt+Home (or Cmd+Shift+H) - load your currently designating home page in the current tab, replacing what’s already there.
•    Home (or Fn+left cursor key) - jump right to the top of a web page. UseEnd (or Fn+right) to go straight to the bottom.
•    Ctrl+Plus (or Cmd+Plus) - zoom in, making text bigger. Hold Ctrl or Cmd then tap Minus to zoom out or 0 to go back to the default zoom level.
•    Ctrl+L (or Cmd+L) - puts the cursor focus on the browser’s address bar rather than the current website to enter a new URL or search.
•    Ctrl+T (or Cmd+T) - open a new tab and jump to it, ready to continue on your browsing odyssey. Use Ctrl+N (Cmd+N) for a new window.
•    Ctrl+Tab (or Cmd+Option+right cursor key) - cycle through your open tabs (add Shift or use Cmd+Option+left to reverse the direction).
•    Ctrl+1-8 (or Cmd+1-8) - jump straight to a specific open tab, numbered from left to right. Ctrl+9 or Cmd+9 always goes to the rightmost tab.
•    Ctrl+W (or Cmd+W) - close the current tab in your browser. To close all open tabs and the browser itself use Shift+Ctrl+W or Shift+Cmd+W.
•    Ctrl+Shift+T (or Cmd+Shift+T) - bring back the tab you closed most recently (maybe with the aforementioned Ctrl+W shortcut).
•    Ctrl+click (or Cmd+click) - opens a link in a new tab in the background (strictly speaking a mouse+keyboard shortcut but we’ll allow it)


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