S7 edge is the top-selling Android this year, followed by more Samsungs

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The relatively high price of the handset obviously hasn't given a pause to no less than 13.3 million customers, intrigued by the new 5.5" form factor in Samsung's curved display realm, the 12 MP Dual Pixel camera, and the hearty 3600mAh battery.

Last year, Samsung failed to differentiate well the S6 and S6 edge, which shipped with the same screen size, just in a curved and flat form, plus the S6 edge suffered from production yield issues from the onset. This year, however, the S7 edge met no such hiccups, and is apparently outselling even the Galaxy S7 with its more orthodox flat 5.1" screen, which occupies the third place with 11.8 million units moved. 

Second place is reserved for the lowly Galaxy J2 with 13 million units sold, which is unsurprising given that this is a very affordable model aimed at populous markets like India. Looking at the top 3 ranking, we can't help but notice that the best-selling Androids for H1 were Samsung-made, which bodes well for the company's handset strategy going forward, especially after the launch of the no less compelling Note 7 last week.

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