IFA 2016: latest news and rumors of samsung

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It's been quite a year for Samsung already, one that was recently punctuated by the debut of the Galaxy Note 7.
But Samsung isn't done with 2016 yet. It has two IFA events planned, and we have a good idea what tech it plans to reveal at both.
The main draw of its August 31 mobile event and September 1 press conference looks to be the Gear S3 smartwatch. How do we know? Because Sammy gave it away.

The company's press conference invite features two watch hands, strongly implying a smartwatch will highlight the event. With the Gear S2 announced at IFA 2015, it only makes sense Samsung is gearing up to unveil its successor.
Samsung then followed the press conference invitation up with another one, this time for an event the day before.

This invite is even less subtle than the first; not only does it feature a full-blown watch face, it also says "Talk about 3" and "Gear".It followed that up with a tweet about "a timely innovation", so if Samsung isn't ready to announce the Gear S3 after giving us these clues, we're not sure what to think.The different style watches on the dual invitations could be a hint Samsung will announce multiple versions of the smartwatch, and rumor has it Gear S3 Classic, Gear S3 Explorer and Gear S3 Frontier editions are in the works.

But watches aren't all that's buzzing about Samsung. Thanks to a posting on the company's Colombian website, we know the Galaxy Tab S3 tablet is very real. It'll have similar qualities to the Galaxy Tab S2, yet outshine it "with some innovations", the website notes.

While the post doesn't specifically mention an IFA unveiling, it does say the tablet will launch to support the Galaxy Note 7 release in September. Though the Note 7 landed in the US in mid-August, it's coming to other regions, including the UK, once September strikes.

All of this is to say that it makes perfect sense for Samsung to unveil the Galaxy Tab S3 at its IFA press event. The Tab S2 earned good marks in our review, though it stood to improve in a few areas, including battery life.

Other Samsung innovations planned for IFA include stuff on the home goods front, including its two-door Family Hub refrigerator for the European market. The firm also announced new curved Quantum Dot displays will be on hand, which we can't wait to get our eyes on.


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