latest news and rumors of LG in IFA 2016

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With LG launching its V20 flagship phone on September 6 in San Francisco, it's left many to wonder what exactly it will announce all the way in Berlin. Here's what we've heard.
Word is LG will come to IFA with the third generation of its Flex line in tow, the LG G Flex 3. A PhoneArena report from way back in May suggests the LG G Flex 2 successor will feature a 5.5-inch 1440 x 2560 screen, a Snapdragon 820 chip, 4GB of RAM, 16MP camera and, most intriguingly, a modular design.
LG went modular with the LG G5, so it could carry that over to the G Flex 3 - and the V20, for that matter.
Prior to IFA, LG announced a new line of Bluetooth speakers that it will feature at its booth. The PH1, PH2, PH3 and PH4 models look to be stylish accents for any setting, though we'll have to get our ears on them to see how they stack up.
We can always count on LG unveiling new TVs at IFA, and LG has said it will demonstrate three High Dynamic Range (HDR) technologies at the show, including Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) technology.
What's more, the firm says it "will be the first to publicly demonstrate HDR technology combining High Frame Rate (HFR) with HLG content." Able to reach speeds of 100/120 frames per second, the HFR demonstration will go off with help from the BBC and European Broadcasting Union. It should be fascinating.
Finally, LG also pre-announced new 21:9 curved gaming displays. We're sensing a theme with these curved monitors...


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