It’s impossible to choose between Huawei’s red and blue P9s

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The blue P9 is subtle, as if it’s the regular gray aluminum with an icy blush of steely blue. The red P9, on the other hand, is fully saturated in a crimson shade that feels almost too dark. But then it catches the light and looks absolutely delightful. I guess it’s the mark of a good design tweak when you can’t conclusively decide which of the new options you favor most. Both new variants include Huawei’s subtle color highlight around the power button, which I find a strangely effective way to add a bit of brand distinction.

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Huawei hasn’t yet settled on the final list of countries where these new phones will be available, but if they’re anywhere near you, they’ll cost exactly the same as the original smartphone. In reviewing the Huawei P9 earlier this year, I found it to be a very well crafted device with a competent camera, speedy performance, and great ergonomics. Its battery didn’t impress me hugely, and Huawei’s customized Android might not be to everyone’s tastes, but the P9 remains a very elegant handset, with the present expansion of color options just adding to its stylishness.

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