Chinese Galaxy Note 7 Variant Has Different Battery Supplier, Safe To Use

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 یکشنبه 14 شهریور 95 ساعت: 00:49:07

However, the company is still selling the Chinese phablet version with 4 GB of RAM, which is reportedly safe to use since it has a different battery.

The Galaxy Note 7 units destined for China are immune from the battery problem as they have different battery supplier, which is now confirmed by the company. Read the translated statement below.

Samsung Electronics officially announced, ease of use for the protection of consumers, in some countries, for Galaxy Note7 possible risks proactively replace the battery. Country line version from September 1 officially on sale in the Chinese market, the use of different battery suppliers, not in the replacement category, Chinese consumers can rest assured purchase. Samsung Electronics will continue to carry out "Chinese people love to do business and contribute to China's social enterprise" commitment to continue to uphold the quality and service first conviction, for consumers the best products and experiences. Thanks to the media and public attention for China Samsung Electronics. - Samsung (Sep 2, 2016)

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