iPhone 7 Plus renders visualize new Piano Black and Dark Black shades

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With Apple set to debut the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this Wednesday, the usual last-ditch flurry of leaksis getting fans rather excited. It's looking increasingly likely that the imminent models will arrive in two new shades; a Dark Black variant akin to Space Gray with the brightness turned down, and Piano Black version that has drawn comparisons Apple's Mac Pro. Now, a concept designer has put faces to names with a series of high quality renders.

The Piano Black edition is of particular intrigue, since it will see Apple make something of a return to the days when the iPhone sported a glossy exterior. Thankfully, the plasticky polycarbonate that adorned the likes of the iPhone 3GS looks set to remain of that era, since the glossy new iPhone is almost certain to be metallic. 

All in all, there will apparently be five colors in total, with the two black versions set to accompany the return of Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. Thanks to the rendering skills ofApple Arab, we have a reasonable idea of how the two newer colors might look on the iPhone 7 Plus. 

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