Next Nougat update could be Android 7.1 build NDE63B, shipping with Google Pixel and Pixel XL

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However, this depends on whether Google decides to release updates and factory images carrying the same build, and whether there's a possibility of changing the build number to correspond to an October release. The current Android 7.1 build is dated September 1.

Shipping the latest Android version on new devices is a virtue mostly associated with Google, whose Nexus handsets are the only ones with the privilege of receiving the latest Android updates the moment they are ready. Hopefully, other manufacturers will be able to provide timely updates to their devices, or at least ship Android 7.0 updated with the latest security patches (unless that's too much to ask for?)

Slated for announcement on October 4, the pair of Pixel handsets sees a change in name from Nexus (as Google is looking to unify its hardware portfolio). In addition to top-shelf specs and updated Sony cameras, they are supposed to deliver at least two new software additions – the Nexus launcher and a new Google Assistant.

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