What you need to know about the new Apple Smart Watch

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After Apple launched Apple Watch, it became the No. 2 watch brand in the world after Rolex

 We're also the top-selling smartwatch. But as everyone knows in here, what's really important to us is we delight our customers.

 Customers love the Apple Watch.

 Apple Watch has set a very high bar about what a modern watch can be

Jeff Williams, Apple’s senior vice president of operations since mid-2010, has been referred to as Apple CEO Tim Cook’s  go-to guy  and  Tim Cook’s Tim Cook.  He oversees Apple’s massive supply chain and device production, including the company’s relationship with Chinese manufacturer Foxconn.


 In June we previewed Watch OS 3, and it is packed with features.

 There's a new dock so you can quickly access your apps.

 There are fun,animated stickers. You've just gotta love Donald Duck.

 You can enjoy full screen effects like confetti to celebrate special moments.

 We've added activity sharing to the watch.


 Now you can share with your friends and family and encourage them to be more active. Brand new app called Breathe.

Washington Post, Field Day, fitness apps like Sweat with Kayla and P90X

Washington Post, MLS, Field Day game are some new stand-alone apps. New fitness apps can access heart rate and gyro.

A new app...Pokemon Go.

Showing Pokemon Go Plus wearable band, which still isn't here yet. Coming later this month.

But Apple Watch app is different from the Go Plus band.

 From a complication on the watch face, I can see how far I need to walk to hatch an egg

 during my walk, I can see how far I walked and the calories burned.





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