How to install Oracle VirtualBox On Arch Linux & Manjaro

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VirtualBox is extremely feature rich, high performance product for enterprise customers, also available professional solution freely as Open Source Software under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

VirtualBox is an amazing software which have lot of features compare with other virtualization software such as VMware,etc.., and still development team hardly working on virtualbox to improve the stability. The latest version ofVirtualBox 5.1.6 released on September 12, 2016 which is 4’th update for Virtualbox 5.1 series.

Install VirtualBox on Arch Linux
Follow the below steps to install virtualbox on Arch Linux based Systems.
[Install VirtualBox]
$ sudo pacman -S virtualbox

Make sure, you have to install VirtualBox Host Module too.
[Install VirtualBox Host Module on Arch Linux]
$ sudo pacman -S virtualbox-host-modules-arch

For Manjaro users need to install appropriate VirtualBox Host Module, depending on the kernel version currently being run.
[Check Kernel version]
$ uname -a

[Install VirtualBox Host Module on Manjaro]
$ sudo pacman -S [kernel version]-virtualbox-host-modules

Note : Your output is something like 3.7.4-1-MANJARO. It means that the kernel is linux37, Then install host module according that linux37-virtualbox-host-modules

After successfully installation of virtualbox & virtualbox host module, enter the following command to add the VirtualBox module to the kernel

[Load VirtualBox module to the kernel]
$ sudo modprobe vboxdrv

Install Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional features which are not available by default.
[Install Virtualbox Extension Pack]
$ yaourt virtualbox-ext-oracle

GUI is based on QT, so install QT package (Arch Linux Users only).
[Install QT]
$ sudo pacman -S qt5-x11extras

Finally add the user account to the vbox User Group to access all the features provided by VirtualBox. Make sure mention your username instead ofusername field.
[Adding Your Account to the vbox User Group]
$ sudo gpasswd -a [username] vboxusers

[Launch Virtualbox]
$ virtualbox

Create New VM’s and refresh/learn new things…Have a great DAY..

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