Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2 to Come with PC-Inspired Wi-Fi Settings Screen

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Specifically, the firm is trying to bring the same look and UX of the operating system on all its devices, and the Wi-Fi settings page seems to be the next in line to get a makeover on mobile phones and adopt a design that’s inspired from PCs.

Could land in next preview build
Twitter user @tfwboredom has posted screenshots of what seems to be a redesigned Wi-Fi settings page for Windows 10 Mobile and that appears to closely resemble the one that’s currently available on PCs running Windows 10. This way, Microsoft is not only giving up on the old-fashioned Windows Phone 8.1 look, but it also continues its efforts to sync PCs and mobile devices.

There’s not much to see in these screenshots if you’re already a Windows 10 user who accessed the Wi-Fi settings at least once, but it’s good to see that Microsoft’s improving Windows 10 Mobile, especially given all the bad news that have surfaced lately.

For the moment, it’s not yet clear whether this changes will be part of the next Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2 build for insiders or not, but considering the fact that there’s a build that has them already, we shouldn’t have to wait too long before getting them.

Furthermore, the new Wi-Fi settings page is very likely to be part of the final version of Windows 10 Redstone 2, which, according to rumors, should launch in early 2017 and come with the majority of improvements that Microsoft has made in preview build and that have received positive feedback.

The next preview build of Windows 10 Redstone 2 for Windows insiders should land next week for both PCs and mobile devices enrolled in the fast ring.


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