The best iOS 10 widgets for your iPhone and iPad

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 Previously, widgets resided solely in the Notification Center, but are now a swipe or two away from pretty much anywhere in iOS.

Swipe to the right on your lock screen – widgets, do the same on your home screen – widgets again, pull down the Notification Center and swipe right, you guessed it – widgets. With so many ways to access these nifty little thingamajigs now, it would only be normal for developers too to increase their focus on them, and for us — as avid smartphone aficionados — to inform you about the best ones out there.

With that said, here are 10 apps for iOS with great widget implementation, that may very well change your workflow entirely:

The best iOS 10 widgets for your iPhone and iPad
1. Copied

Copied is a tremendously useful clipboard manager which allows you to save text, links, and images that you've copied from the web, or any app on your device. Even better, Copied has a great widget that allows you instant access to the latest entries in your clipboard. You can view, manage, and quick copy your latest clippings directly from the widget. Neat stuff.


2. Go Launcher

An Android staple, Go Launcher may not be as feature-rich on iOS, but it's still a mighty useful tool for speeding up your workflow. Go Launcher offers a convenient customizable widget that allows you to create shortcuts for your most used apps, most visited websites, favorite contacts, and even offers an extension for Safari URL schemes.


3. gTasks

gTasks syncs your Gmail and Google Tasks across all your Apple devices, allowing you to view all your to-dos,and calendar entries in one place. The app also has a neat widget that shows all your due tasks for the day.


4. Tweety

Tweety is a great Twitter widget that lets you set up to two Twitter accounts and allows you to view your timeline, mentions, and updates from people you're following. You can even favorite, re-tweet, and open tweets in the default Twitter app, or popular third-party alternatives, such as Tweetbot and Twitterrific.


5. Shazam

A great widget for instantly shazaming songs or images, that also offers quick access to Shazam's powerful search engine for songs and artists. You suddenly hear a song you simply can't afford not to know the name of? Instead of firing the app, save yourself a few taps and just use the widget! Wham, shazam, presto! You got the name of your song! Also, the word shazam is now beginning to lose what little meaning it initially had... SHAZAM!


6. Wikipedia

The iOS Wikipedia app has two neat widgets under its belt, called Continue Reading and Top Read. As the names suggest, the first one shows you the last article you've read, allowing you to easily get back into it by just tapping the text, while the second one displays the 3 top read articles on the Wikipedia, along with their respective page views. Great widget for those with a knack for learning! Also for those who often get lost in the Wikipedia rabbit hole – i.e. looking up the history of the two-dollar bill and three hours later you find yourself reading about Cosmic Latte.


7. Countdowns

Countdowns will help you count down to those important moments in life – like tomorrow's Google event and the end of the workday. Oh yeah, birthdays and other special events too. What's interesting, is that you can set the countdown timer for each event to keep counting after the date. This will help you keep track of how much time has elapsed since the last time you did something important (pro-tip: it's been a while).



ESPN for iOS features the ultimate widget for tracking game scores. All your favorite teams, all the joys and frustrations of the sports world, a swipe away.


9. Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet is a nifty app for the little things you never remember – like the lock combination of your travel suitcase, ID numbers, unimportant passwords, and other things that do not deserve any of your precious memory. Instead of typing entire lines of text and spelling everything out, however, Cheatsheet will have you enter cryptic phrases, that, with the help of a little icon beside them, will hopefully jog your memory well enough later on.


10. Weather Underground

Not that WU needs any introduction whatsoever, but it's one of the best weather apps around. If you're tired of the stock weather widget and want more granular information about weather conditions, including a convenient “radar” map, then WU is the app/widget combo for you.

11. Steve

You can now play the “hidden” dinosaur endless running game from Google Chrome... in widget form. Yes, because why not have one more distraction just a swipe away? Anyway, we didn't know the T-Rex from Google's modern cult classic time waster was named Steve, and we highly doubt that's actually the case, but the name is so strangely befitting of the short-armed fellow that we can't imagine calling him anything else now. Run, Steve, run! Jump over them cacti!

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