Google Pixel and Pixel XL appear in an awesome blue color that might be Verizon exclusive

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The Verizon leak hinted that there will be a blue Pixel version, but the product listing on its website was illustrated with the silver variant that we've seen numerous times already, together with a black model. That blue might be Verizon-exclusive, given that we'd never seen it until the carrier leak, and it also hints that, for the first time in ages, we will have a full suite of Google-made phones on America's largest carrier.

The demise of the Nexus line might be the start of a beautiful carrier relationship, which is a prerequisite for a phone to be successful in the world's most visible and talked about handset market, so the Pixel line might be unlike anything we've seen so far by Google. Also, the blue one looks like honor 8sans the second camera, and not just because of the color, what do you think?

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