Microsoft schedules event for October 26, but don't expect a Surface Phone announcement

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The Redmond-based company is about to get rid of the Lumia family, but that doesn't mean that it will not continue to launch other Windows 10 smartphones. The bad news is the long-rumored Surface Phone is nowhere near ready for prime time. 

As we explained in our previous report, the Surface Phone is likely to be unveiled in late 2017, or during the next year. The information has been recently confirmed by Mary Jo Foley, who also stated that Microsoft fans should not expect any new announcement related to smartphones this year.

On top of that, Microsoft was pretty clear that it won't launch another Band device in 2016, so don't expect one to be unveiled later this month. What we expect to see at Microsoft's event scheduled for October 26 is a Surface All-in-One device, which will probably come with a Surface keyboard and mouse.

Some gaming news will be part of the event, but Microsoft is also expected to highlight some of its OEM partners' Windows 10 devices. There might be phones on the stage,but not made by Microsoft.

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