A pair of trademark applications confirm a dual camera setup for the Samsung Galaxy S8

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 یکشنبه 18 مهر 95 ساعت: 22:22:02

The registrations for both names say that the trademark covers a "Camera Sensor for use in enhancing the brightness and clearness of digital images and photographs taken in low-light environments." That description sounds exactly like one a phone manufacturer might give as an explanation why a second camera has been placed on the rear of a handset.

Another clue is the stylized 8 seen in a teaser for the Galaxy S8 that we recently showed you. It doesn't take much imagination to turn the number into a vertically placed dual camera setup. Not that this would be much of a surprise. After all, dual cameras are this year's fingerprint scanner. The latter was once a rarity, then found on a few handsets, and now they are ubiquitous. Next year, dual camera setups could be everywhere.

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