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Asus GL552

Multimedia isn't limited to just the digital streaming era; many still enjoy discs (which, to be fair, store digital media). If you've a large CD and DVD collection you want to be able to consume, you'll need a great laptop with an optical drive. And the ASUS GL 552 is a great laptop with an optical drive.

It's well made, has a great display, loud speakers and above all, it's a great laptop. Skylake processors, lots and lots of storage and NVIDIA graphics all mean you're ready for pretty much anything.

Bottom line: A great laptop, and one of the very best you'll find with an optical drive.

One more thing: There are a few different spec levels for this one, but even the Core i5 GTX 950M model is very good.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

It's always been unfair to class the Surface Pro 4 as a tablet — it's much more than that. It's one of the finest 2-in-1 PCs you can buy and it's perfect for the on-the-go media aficionado. Mostly because you can use it like a tablet by taking off the keyboard cover and propping it up on the kickstand.

With the laptop class internals, stunning display and fairly powerful front-facing speakers, the Surface Pro 4 is capable and highly portable.

Bottom line: A laptop in tablet form, the Surface Pro 4 is a go anywhere machine.

One more thing: For less intensive work and media consumption purposes, even the base Core m model should suffice.

Lenovo Yoga 910

Lenovo practically invented the multimode laptop and the latest Yoga 910 is very much the best yet. You can still prop it up in tent mode which is perfect for consuming video, but it's also a very slim, light and well equipped laptop.

Throw in a stunning 4K display and audio from JBL with Dolby tuning and you've got a highly portable multimedia powerhouse.

Bottom line: A tremendous laptop for both work and play

One more thing: The speakers are underneath the laptop, so bear this in mind before you start watching your videos

Why the Lenovo Yoga 910 is the best

The assumption when you're looking for a killer laptop for multimedia is that you also want a killer laptop. The Yoga 910 from Lenovo is just that. It takes the tried and tested convertible formula the PC maker knows so well and refines it to the best it's been. And it's impossible to ignore the exquisite 'watch band' hinge that all the action centers around.

The beauty of the Yoga is that it's a full time, full laptop, but it can behave like a tablet. Or a 'tent,' as Lenovo calls it, too. That makes it superb for watching your videos, because the keyboard gets out of the way and you're left to focus on the stunning 4K display.

Despite the speakers not being front facing, they're packing technology from JBL and tuning from Dolby, so you're sure of an aural treat. Lenovo has put some amazing speakers into some of its products over the years and the Yoga 910 is no exception. In tent mode, the best for watching a movie, they're at least not facing against the desk, so you'll still hear them loud and proud.

The Yoga 910 begs to be used and to be loved.

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