Samsung Galaxy S8 series to max out at 6GB RAM & 256GB storage

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The current crop of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are generally laudable but the 32 GB of internal storage seems nonsensically low -- even if expansion via microSD adds potential legroom. According to a Weibo source, the S8 will offer up to 256 GB of on-board storage, though it remains to be seen whether the microSD card option will also be retained. 


Samsung's decision to nix expandable storage with the Galaxy S6 series was not viewed favorably by many enthusiasts, and this year's rebirth of the Galaxy S microSD slot has come at the expense of native real estate. A 256-gig option would probably be enough to satisfy most power users should Sammy once again decide to forgo expandability. Then again, we're pretty sure that some of our readers would jump at the chance to stretch a 256 GB model even further. 

In addition, the leak also suggests the S8 could arrive with 6 GB of RAM. Sounds great and all, but more RAM is only useful if it's efficiently applied. Though Samsung will be trying harder than usual to impress with its forthcoming gadget(s), here's hoping any RAM enhancement translates to real-world performance, rather than mere overkill to inflate the S8's market appeal. 

Finally, the leakster reiterates the notion of two Galaxy S8 models, which is not particularly surprising given the current S7 duo. Recently, we've heard that the S8 handsets will be among the first to launch with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835. With the supposed inclusion of pressure-sensitive display tech to accompany the traditional camera improvements and other tweaks, the S8 series is shaping up to be a real winner.

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