Fedora 24 to Ship with Linux Kernel 4.5.7, Be Rebased Later on Linux 4.6

Fedora 24 to Ship with Linux Kernel 4.5.7, Be Rebased Later on Linux 4.6

If you've been reading the news lately, you should be aware of the fact that the Fedora 24 Linux operating system has been delayed a fourth time, and it now looks like it will hit the streets on June 21, 2016.


Also, we reported a few days ago that the last maintenance update for the Linux 4.5 kernel series, version 4.5.7, landed, as the kernel branch reached its end of life on June 8, 2016. On the same day, the Linux kernel developers also released the second Linux kernel 4.6 maintenance version.

So we've been asked by several of our readers with what kernel Fedora 24 Linux will ship. Well, according to Fedora kernel maintainer Josh Boyer, the upcoming operating system will be based on the latest Linux 4.5 kernel series, with the new Linux kernel 4.5.7 version offered as a 0-day update after the June 21 launch.

Linux kernel 4.6 is coming to Fedora 24

As the Linux kernel developers warned all GNU/Linux distributions using kernel packages from the Linux 4.5 branch to move to the latest and most advanced Linux 4.6 series, it looks like the Fedora kernel maintainers will do the same, and they promise to rebase the OS on Linux kernel 4.6.3 or later.
"We'll ship 4.5.7 as the final 4.5.y update and have that available as the 0-day update for the F24 release," said Josh Boyer. "Shortly thereafter we'll be rebasing F24 to 4.6.y, most likely starting with 4.6.3. We may use 4.6.2 if 4.6.3 is delayed for some reason, but it would be better to get the additional fixes that 4.6.3 will bring."
So that's great news for those planning on upgrading to Fedora 24 Linux on June 21, but it also looks like the Fedora 23 release will get a new kernel version as well. The still-supported Fedora 22 distro will likely receive one final Linux 4.4.y kernel update before it reaches its end of life in late-2016.

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