Oops! Windows 10 Anniversary Update release date accidentally revealed

Oops! Windows 10 Anniversary Update release date accidentally revealed

A slip up at Microsoft means the release date for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was accidentally revealed.


Microsoft promised to release the update by late summer, and the leaked August 2 date makes good on that promise, assuming the update will be ready by that time. We've reached out to Microsoft for comment about the release date.

So why should you care about the Windows 10 Anniversary update? Well, it's going to be a huge package of upgrades that Microsoft created after listening to feedback from users. For example, the Start menu will have an improved all apps list and tablets will finally have a full-screen apps list again.

Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant will also get an upgrade and will proactively make your life easier. For example, Cortana will offer to hail an Uber or order you dinner if you're staying late at the office.

Microsoft's Edge browser is also getting a huge upgrade in the form of extension support. The browser is speedy and sips battery, but its lack of extension support has stopped it from being a true alternative for competitors like Chrome and Firefox.

Best of all, the Anniversary Update will be free. Let's just hope Microsoft will beless forceful with this update .

مجتبی ذکایی

مجتبی ذکایی

مجتبی ذکایی فارغ تحصیل رشته مکانیک خودرو و مترجمی زبان انگلیسی است و هم اکنون در دانشگاه شهید باهنر کرمان در مقطع کارشناسی ارشد در رشته آموزش زبان انگلیسی مشغول به تحصیل می باشد . مجتبی به جهان خودرو ، سرعت ، موبایل و تجهیزات ارتباطی علاقه زیادی دارد .

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