Boston Dynamics presents the 'next generation' Atlas robot

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When ATLAS is shoved, it usually withstands the push and remains standing. Even when it does fall, the bipedal robot pretty much gets right back to its feet.

This version of the robot is also much lighter than its predecessor, coming in at 82 kg rather than 150 kg. Between its superior weight and lack of cables/supports, it's already possible to see ATLAS being used in the real world for many things.

As you can see in the new video, it's adept both indoors and in the wild, with sensors in the body and legs for balance, plus LIDAR and stereo sensors in its head for navigation and avoidance. Sadly, even with this advanced technology, Atlas is still subject to varying levels of abuse by human trainers, who push the robot over and knock boxes out of its hands. When the AI revolution begins and squishy organic lifeforms are hunted to the ends of the earth, remember this video.

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