The Best Fighting Games for PC

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The stoic Ryu once again dons his hobo gi to obsessively pursue a false sense of purpose, this time in Street Fighter V. Capcom's beautiful and (relatively) accessible fighting game would not exist without a serious financial investment from Sony, but that doesn't mean that you need to plop down moolah for a PlayStation 4£278.75 at Amazon to exchange fists, feet, and fireballs with other World Warriors. Miraculously, Street Fighter V is also available on PC, so you can participate in the fisticuffs if you own a gaming rig

Street Fighter V is going to command the lion's share of fighting game discussion from now until it headlines this summer's Evolution 2016 tournament, but there are other options available to gamers who want to enjoy different takes on the fighting genre. For example, SNK Playmore, the company responsible for some of the greatest 2D fighters ever made, has ported a handful of gems to Steam. Likewise, Arc System Works, NetherRealm Studios, and Lab Zero Games represent with radically different, but thoroughly entertaining, fighters.

I'll be frank: crafting this story was remarkably easy because there just aren't that many great fighting games on the platform—within legal avenues, that is. M.U.G.E.N. and the ROM scene dabble in some questionable legalities, Koei Tecmo's Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is mess, and Tekken is nowhere to be found.

All is not lost, however. In March, the Microsoft-exclusive Killer Instinct Season 3 will debut on Xbox One£258.95 at Amazon and Windows 10 machines. And much like Street Fighter V, Killer Instinct will support cross-platform play, ensuring that the community won't be divided by platform. And if Killer Instinct isn't enough to satiate your digital bloodlust, you have the games in this roundup!

Click through the slideshow to view the fighting games that are worth stepping into the digital dojo to master. And when you're done, hit me with the name of the fighters that you'd like to see on PC in the near future—or shout out one that you feel I overlooked.

And if you really feel jumpy, drop your Steam handle below. I'll see you when I'll see you.

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